Celebratory Bloghop 2013: Let´s Fly

We are celebrating the New Year with this bloghop called Let´s Fly… 

Most likely you are coming from Julie Hamilton´s website, a very creative Surface Pattern Designer who lives in British Columbia, Canada. and just have reached RistyDesign.

My name is Eli and am also a Surface Designer. I live in Donosti (Basque Country). I enjoy making fabrics, creating patterns, and painting. My designs are mostly used in  home furnishing, apparel, and paper product markets. I am available for freelancing and licensing opportunities. I also would love to show my work in fairs like Surtex & Indigo.


The theme of our bloghop is FLYING, with emphasis to “Emerald“, the 2013 Pantone color of the year.

My Three designs are inspired by birds, flying kites, and butterflies swirling in the sky.

This is the mood board I used to develop the following designs:



This bloghop starts at Gill Eggleston´s blog Pattern Addict and will run until January 13th. The curator is Rosie Martinez Dekker of Believe Creative Studio.

Please visit the beautiful site of Veronica Galbraith, a designer who lives in Cornwall, UK. Her website is a collection of what she considers to be some of the best bits from the amazing world of Surface Design.

•• Thank you for stopping by!

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24 Responses to Celebratory Bloghop 2013: Let´s Fly

  1. spaark says:

    I was just checking my link and here you are- already posted! Love the colors you combined emerald with…I got a bit stuck! Julie

  2. Tina Olsson says:

    Hello Eli! your prints are all lovely, My favorite is the green birds, and the kites also look wonderful!

  3. Eli, Love the kites! Beautiful!

  4. I really like the simplicity of the bird pattern. Lovely!

  5. infemity says:

    love the movement in the kites!

  6. Beautiful designs, very bold but still versatle and wonderful to look at.

  7. Claire says:

    lovely designs, especially the very first one…although the kites are good fun too!

  8. Faye Brown says:

    Yes very pretty designs. Lovely

  9. Eli, your patterns show a great sense of movement. Well done.

  10. muymajobv says:

    precious freedom… that’s what you’ve transmitted me 🙂

  11. groovity says:

    Those kites rock!!

  12. Beautiful work. Dawn x

  13. The kite design is really great – a real sense of soaring! All the best, Gill

  14. Lovely work Ellie! very refreshing work!
    I wish you lots of success for 2013 and further!
    Thanks for participating in the bloghop and thanks for the credit. I really appreciate it!

  15. Lovely designs Eli! Good luck for 2013!

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  17. deborahvelasquez says:

    Love the last one in collection the color combo is super! Thanks for sharing your mood board I like to see thought process, it helps me “feel ” the piece.

  18. Miranda Mol says:

    Great kites and great colours in the last butterfly design!

  19. Melinda says:

    Wow! Your butterfly design really caught my eye! Stunning colors! The butterflies just float off the page! Great work and best wishes!!

  20. Very pretty designs! Love the colors and motifs. Great work! All the best to you in 2013!

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